What is Bioresonance?

A Gentle Form of Medicine Without Harmful Side-Effects

Bioresonance is a biophysical diagnostic and therapeutic procedure. It is based on the realisation that every cell in the body as well as every substance (e.g. allergens, viruses, bacteria, etc.) displays certain frequency patterns. Because the biophysical element has seemingly a superordinate role and controls the biochemical component, bioresonance works at a causal level deeper than treating symptoms. It is particularly suited to the treatment of allergies and chronic disorders. Bioresonance is suitable for both humans and animals.

Why Bioresonance?

Pain-Free, Causal Treatment

The body has a natural ability to regulate itself and possesses powerful self-healing properties. Normally it is able to offset extreme influences, but all of these stresses combined can overload the system and result in disorders ranging from unspecified wellbeing disorders, chronic fatigue and allergies to serious physical disorders.

With bioresonance it is possible to identify and treat the stresses involved in the emergence of a disease. Bioresonance is a gentle form of treatment. It is entirely pain-free and has no damaging side effects. This means that it is highly suitable for treating children. Animal owners appreciate the benefits of their pets undergoing stress-free treatment with bioresonance.


How Does the BICOM Bioresonance Method Work?

Every form of matter is condensed energy and radiates out this energy in the form of electromagnetic oscillations. Every substance therefore radiates out energy: the body’s cells, as well as viruses, bacteria, pollen etc. Every substance displays specific, characteristic wavelengths. These are termed frequency patterns.

During therapy specific frequency patterns from a patient or from substances that harm or stress the organism are picked up and then sent to the BICOM device via input electrodes. Inside the device these frequency patterns are modulated, depending on the program selected by the therapist, and applied to the patient via output electrodes.

The BICOM bioresonance method works with a patient’s specific endogenous frequency patterns and with the specific frequency patterns of the substances that are stressing the patient and this means it is a highly customised therapy, tailored to the needs of each individual patient.

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Rebalace of Metabolism from "Sanguinum"

Its not a diet, its something to rebalance your metabolism, which burns your fat. It is only a Homeopathic approach without hormones.

Orthomolecular Therapy

Modern life dictates that people do not get enough vitamins and minerals like our decendents. The main reason being that the quality of our nutriants is reduced because of conventional farming techniques. Plants growing too fast, pesticides killing important living organisms in the earth. All result in a reduction of these vital substance to  our overall health. In addition, the food industry removes important elements in there processes.  

In my therapy I will give back to your body these missing elements.

Neural Therapy

To reduce your pain, homeopathic susbtances are injected into your body. As a result, your body and more specifically the areas of localised pain, will receive the targeted medication and welcome relief.


Mitochondrial Therapy / Cellsymbiosis Therapy

This therapy is starting at the cell level where all illness begin.


Chelate Therapy

Its the strongest way to remove heavy metals (amalgam, aluminium, mercury etc.) from your body.

Good Digestion - Good Health


The begining of most illnesses start in your digestion tract. Therefore it is vital to maintain a healthy diet and consequently maintain a strong immune system. It is important, for your immune system, to keep enough healthy bacteria in the stomach. Antibiotics are good at killing bad bacteria, but also kill good important bacteria as well. I can identify the balance of these good and bad bacteria in your stool by sending it to the labatory for analysis. 


Hormone Therapy

Hormones control every sytem in our body. Its for me a must to identify if there are deficits in your body in this respect. The Bio Identic hormones are very simliar to the natural ones that our body produces. It offers me many theraputic options with minimal risk.